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Molly VanVranken. New London NH 5th grade, 2018 Winner Elementary School 

The forest   is a mystical place

Where unicorns  And fairies fly  

Where you are free  To imagine  And be at peace with the world.  

The forest  Speaks to me through  It’s leaves and branches.  

The forest  Protects me when it rains  It covers me so that  I’m not wet.

The forest  Is part of my  Soul and blood.  

When I leave, the forest leaves.  When I go to school, the forest goes to school.

But at the end of the day  When I go to bed  The forest sleeps right next to me.  


Clare McIntyre, Grantham NH  7th Grade, 2018 Winner Middle School 

As I walk through the forest I am one with nature,  

One with the birdsong that may sound chaotic, but if you listen closely you will find,  

That it is a symphony of voices that fill the woods with meaning,  

And as I walk through the many trees they talk to me, as I am one with them,  

Telling me of the freezing winters where the frost crept over their bark,  

And of the summers where the sun shone through their leaves,                                        

and cast a green light upon the ground,  

The suns rays dance that are one with me, leaping off the water,   

and the mica in the rocks, 

then they twirl in the air and fill the sky with light,

the sky calls to the adventurous kind,

those who will stop at nothing to learn nature’s secrets,  

The sky calls out to me as I walk through the forest.

Molly VanVraken

Molly VanVraken

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