What We Do

We support over 100 area artists and art related businesses.

Center for The Arts 

  • seeks out artists and helps them find a voice before the public
  • collaborates with other organizations to increase public awareness of their art and cultural programs and help support them
  • creates events and programs to enhance existing venues and we experiment with new ones
  • expands existing educational opportunities


The arts are an essential component of our greater community and it is up to organizations, such as The Center for the Arts, to facilitate sustainable partnerships with both other organizations and artists in our region. It is these private and public partnerships that create the collaborative platform which enhance and strengthen our Art and Cultural offerings and regional desirability. 

Center for the Arts is a small organization with a big vision. We welcome your ideas and encourage your partnership though communication, membership and volunteering. CFA acts as a centralized source of information for regional cultural events.


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