Youth Arts Education Program

Shakespeare Project 2019 Grant

Shakespeare Project 2019 Grant

Shakespeare Project 2019 Grant


Annual Presentation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream by students from the Kearsarge Regional Elementary Schools in 

New London and Bradford, under the direction of Nicole Densmore

Poetry Club 2019 Grant

Shakespeare Project 2019 Grant

Shakespeare Project 2019 Grant


After School Writing Club culminating in a publication of student Poetry at Sutton Central School under the direction of Thom Smith

Schools, Teachers, and Students Grant Program

 Each year the Center for the Arts funds Arts Education Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Scholarships for those with a dream of pursuing their education in Art, Music, Theater, Dance and Literature, Grants to Teachers to bring Arts Programs into their classrooms, and

In School Arts Education Programs for our Youth

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Teacher Grants

Teacher Grant Guidelines

The Center for the Arts Teacher grant program was created to provide teachers and/or administrators the opportunity to expose children to the arts. The purpose of the grant program is also to encourage active participation in the arts. It is designed to encourage teachers and administrators to create projects that will not only expose students to the arts but also to motivate and inspire their students to think creatively and act creatively as they are involved in these projects or programs. The goal is to provide experiences for students to become familiar with all aspects of the arts. The visual arts, creative writing and  literature experiences, and the performing arts would be considered appropriate for this grant opportunity. 

A detailed description should be given as to how the requested funding will be used. 

{Describe the costs of the program not to exceed $500.00}

How to apply: 

Any teacher or administrator in one of the 12 towns of the Lake Sunapee Region: Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Grantham, New London, Newbury, Newport, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner, or Wilmot, may apply. An explanation of the project must be included and the application completed.

A committee will review the application and the criteria for the award will be explained as follows:

Does the project address the arts in a manner which will include opportunities for all students? 

Does it have opportunities for students to be active in the application of the creative goals of the project?

How will the money be used?

What is the time frame for the implementation of the project?

Does it enhance or integrate with the current curricula in the school or district?

How will the project/program be judged a successful experience?

Download Application and Mail to:

Teacher Grants

Center for the Arts

P O Box 872

New London, NH 03257

or Email to:

Subject Line "Teacher Grants"

*Center for the Arts Board Members and their families are ineligible